“People kept telling me that lasik would be “the best money I’ve ever spent.” I always thought highly of The Eye Center and they were the only ones I’d trust with this procedure. It’s turned out beyond my greatest imaginings! I’ve never seen in such clarity, such vivid detail, such crisp brightness! No contact or glasses could compare to the stunning contrast of perfect vision! I cried! I’m so happy! I hear my vision will only improve from here! I can’t even imagine it being better than this! And the way they treated me with such kindness and care! I was afraid but they put my mind at ease. I’ll never be able to thank them enough! Thank you Dr. Fisher and all the amazing staff! From the bottom of my heart!”

Cecilia Spears, Panama City


“I love coming to the eye center. Dr. Jones discovered I had cataracts, and then it had gotten to where I could really not see well and he referred me to Dr. Fisher. We discussed several options and we decided to have the restore lenses put in. Since then, it has really changed my life. I don’t have to look for glasses anymore,  I discovered the real colors of the world again, and i did not realize that I didn’t have any depth perception. Now I actually see things as they are. I love the life he’s given me. And the people… I don’t know why they call it surgery, because It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I never had to take a pain pill, and my recovery time was zero. I just went home and rested and loved that day. Everything was back to normal the next day.

It’s been wonderful going out to restaurants to eat. I do not have to have glasses. I can read any menu and any telephone book I want to read.

The staff at the Eye Center was wonderful during the surgery. They tried to make me as relaxed as they could, and actually we laughed and enjoyed it.”

Wanda Mc Mullen, Panama City


“I received blade free lasik surgery from Dr. Fisher. The surgery was quick, and within minutes I had 20/20 vision. It has helped me tremendously in my professional life with the ability to see at night without having to fumble around for contacts or glasses when we receive an emergency call, and also in my personal life with activities like swimming, playing golf, etc…”

Tim Smith, Panama City Beach Fire Rescue


“I had Lasik surgery recently, and it was wonderful. I had PRK Surgery about 20 years ago and over time it slipped and I noticed myself having to wear glasses more and more. In fact, almost every day.

I tried about 20 different pairs of contacts. The people at the Eye Center were wonderful and they kept giving me sample pair after pair, and we never could find any that were comfortable for more than just a couple of hours. So I was really struggling.

I went for a free screening with Dr. Fisher and found out I was a candidate for Lasik, which was absolutely amazing and very surprising, so I had the surgery. The recovery was just a day, just like he said. It was easy; it was great.

Now, on the weekends when I’m grabbing all my triathlon stuff for running, biking, and swimming, I don’t have to worry about glasses, contacts or any kind of eye drops. I can just grab my sunglasses, like all my friends, and be just as active as they are.”

Sharon Michalik, Asst. Principle for Guidance, A. Crawford Mosley High