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Our Optical Shop has the perfect glasses for your style, your lifestyle, AND your budget, with complete pairs fitted by our in-house, professional staff starting at $99. Sign up for special offers to get great deals on big brand frames and eyeglass lenses including transitions, glare-reducing lenses and lightweight options.

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Designer Frames


Like our skin, our eyes are vulnerable to the damaging rays of the sun – so everyone needs sunglasses when they are outdoors. Whether the day is clear or overcast, UV rays can cause short-term and long-term damage to your eyes.

Eyeglass Lenses


Progressive Additional Lenses (PALs) have no lines in them but they do have a clear corridor that is molded or generated in the center of the lens. Varilux S Series lenses are the best, most advanced progressives on the market today providing all of the benefits of other Varilux lens designs while virtually eliminating the “off-balance” feeling sometimes experienced by progressive lens wearers. Varilux S Series lenses also eliminate distortion and provide greater edge-to-edge clarity than any other progressive lens. Thanks to the patented lens shape and cutting-edge technology, Varilux S Series lenses can help give you more natural vision, helping you see the way you did before you needed progressive lenses.

Varilux lightweight lenses


Crizal No-Glare lenses are the market leader in No-Glare (Anti-Reflective) ophthalmic lenses; worn and trusted by over 150 million people worldwide. Crizal offers a full range of No-Glare lenses for the clearest vision possible and the most comprehensive daily UV protection1. Plus, Crizal lenses have been granted the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal as a symbol of consumer trust and satisfaction.

Crizal Anti-glare Lenses


Transitions Lenses adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors. But it’s not just about light or dark; it’s about everything in between. No matter where you are, or what situation you’re in, Transitions lenses adapt to the perfect shade so you see with just the right amount of light.

Transitions Lenses

Sport & Safety Eyewear

We offer specialized sport eyewear including golfers, swim goggles, motorcycle glasses, football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and cycling. We stock Wiley X, Nike, Switch, Liberty and other brands with a focus on safety and quality.

Wiley X Sunglasses

Wiley X Sport & Safety Wear

Wiley X Sunglasses are first and foremost about protection, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. You can give your eyes the defense they need while looking good. The removable facial cavity seal blocks wind, debris and peripheral light. Top down ventilation keeps your eyes cool and lenses fog-free.

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