Experience life without glasses.

LASER LASIK – The Advantages are Perfectly Clear

Imagine life without glasses. What are you waiting for? Lasik is safe, easy and affordable—now just $999 per eye with our special on Standard Lasik through December 31, 2019. Sign up for special offers or schedule a free LASIK Screening online now.

LASIK SPECIAL: $999 per eye*

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If you’re tired of wearing glasses or cleaning contacts, and have been thinking about LASIK, The Eye Center of North Florida offers Bladeless Z-LASIK. Z-LASIK uses an ultra-precise laser for a complete “blade-free” experience:

  • Increased comfort and safety
  • Ultra-precise technology
  • Fast visual recovery
  • Short procedure time
  • Superior vision results immediately

Led by Dr. Bret Fisher and an experienced surgical staff, The Eye Center is Northwest Florida’s premier LASIK center and has helped thousands of clients achieve the clear vision they desire.


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