LenSx Custom Cataract Laser

What is LenSx Custom Cataract Laser Surgery?

lensx Isn’t it amazing to look back at all of the technological, medical advancements that have been made throughout history? At The Eye Center of North Florida, we are focused on providing the very best in patient care and investing in the best technology that further improves your vision. We are excited to announce the next leap in technological advancement: LenSx Custom Cataract Laser Surgery! Dr. Fisher and Dr. Garland were the FIRST in Florida, and SIXTEENTH in the entire country, to make this amazing technology available to you. LenSx Custom Cataract Laser Surgery revolutionizes the way this procedure is performed.

What Sets the LenSx Procedure Apart from Tradition:

Prior to the introduction of the LenSx Femtosecond Laser, traditional cataract surgery involved the creation of several small incisions during the procedure.  All of these incisions were made manually with a blade, therefore allowing for a margin of error that can potentially affect visual outcomes.  In contrast, the LenSx laser features “real-time” tools that give the surgeon an accurate picture of what is going on inside the eye.  This computer-guided laser offers more precision and accuracy by creating those incisions, therefore, providing you with a more precise procedure: 10X more accurate than manual cataract removal!  In addition to accuracy and precision, the laser also allows for better management of astigmatism correction.  It is clear that Custom Cataract Laser Surgery is undoubtedly the next step in improving cataract surgery.

Keeping with tradition, we continue to be the leaders in eye care technology, introducing the area’s only ORA analysis system.

Until recently, any surgeon would have to wait weeks after the cataract procedure to assess surgery accuracy. The Eye Center of North Florida, became the first in our area to change all that when we introduced an unprecedented technology called the ORA. It allows our surgeons to measure surgery accuracy during the procedure, fully customized to each patient’s eyes. The ORA further advances the precision, accuracy, and consistency of the LenSx, for the absolute best outcome. In addition, it’s also designed to improve premium lens implant accuracy no matter what lens is selected.

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