Dry Eyes

One of the most common complaints reported to optometrists and ophthalmologists is that the patient has burning, stinging eyes or even the feeling that ‘there is something in the eye’. Other common, yet surprising, symptoms are sensitivity to light and watery eyes. Dry Eyes are caused by a lack of tear production or tear evaporation…. Read More

Eye Floaters

Have you ever seen something in your line of vision that is bothersome or annoying? Chances are that you are seeing a Floater. Floaters are small clumps of gel that form in the vitreous which is the clear jelly filled cavity inside the eye. Floaters take many forms, such as a spiderweb type appearance, dots,… Read More

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Contact lens wear has evolved rapidly in recent years and Daily Disposable Contact Lenses are rapidly becoming one of the most prescribed type of soft contact lenses. The wear of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses (or Dailies as they are often called) offers many advantages that are compatible with today’s busy lifestyles. Some of these advantages… Read More

Back to School Gift Certificate

Sure, you remembered the paper, pencils, and new backpacks, but did you get their eyes checked? Poor Vision can interfere with learning, school performance, participation in sports, and self esteem. School aged kids who come in for their back to school eye exams during the months of July and August can enter for a chance… Read More

The Eye Center Elves

Posted by: The Eye Center of North Florida in News & Community, December 10, 2010

The Eye Center of North Florida has partnered with Innovations to help brighten Christmas for seniors in our area.  Can you be one of The Eye Center Elves this Christmas? Be one of the “The Eye Center Elves” this Christmas by stopping by and choosing a senior from one of our trees in the lobby of our Highway… Read More

Community Involvement

We take pride in serving our patients and the community. We sponsor community educational seminars and support groups. The Eye Center participates in Health Fairs and regularly lectures to service clubs, senior centers, and health care facilities. Our physicians offer continuing education credits to our local physicians, nurses, and technical health care providers.  We often… Read More

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