Contact Lenses

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

david-edingerContact lens wear has evolved rapidly in recent years and Daily Disposable Contact Lenses are rapidly becoming one of the most prescribed type of soft contact lenses. The wear of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses (or Dailies as they are often called) offers many advantages that are compatible with today’s busy lifestyles. Some of these advantages are:

  • Fewer infections and complications.
  • Increased all day comfort, especially for people who suffer from dry eyes.
  • No marking the calendar as a reminder of when to change lenses.
  • No cases or solutions to maintain or keep stock of.

Essentially, Dailies have it all.

As the Contact Lens market evolves, Dailies are evolving as well expanding into new territories such as toric correction for astigmatism as well as multifocals for the presbyopic patient. So be on the look out as new Daily products are released.

Many people ask about Dailies and are at first a little intimidated, feeling that the cost is above what they would normally pay. The truth is that while they appear to cost more in the short term, Dailies cost about the same as traditional lenses. When averaged out over the year, the comparative cost between Dailies and regular contact lenses, solutions, and cases average out to about the same cost. Just imagine, a new fresh lens every day and no solutions or cases to tote around.

I invite all patients to inquire about Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lenses. I am quite certain you will not be disappointed.