Spring Break Flamingo floaty


Spring break is right around the corner, but before you check out for the week, we want to make sure you’ve packed all the essentials. We have a few last-minute reminders when it comes to eye safety that you need to remember.   


Pack your sunglasses. They help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.  Water often has a glare that can damage your eyes if they aren’t properly protected by polarized eyewear. Excessive UV exposure can cause severe damage and eye pain. It can even lead to macular degeneration and cataracts.


Your eyes need a break too. Take out your contact lenses before you sleep, shower, or swim. Wearing contact lenses to bed or exposing them to water increases the risk of painful eye infections.

Don’t swim or shower while wearing contact lenses because germs can be carried from the water into your eye. To be safe, remove your contact lenses and pack your goggles! It’s a sure way to protect your eyes and enjoy your vacation.

Replace your contact lenses as often as recommended by your eye care provider. 

Use only fresh contact lens solution – never water – to put lenses in your eyes and to store your lenses after each use.


As you are packing for your fun filled spring break vacation, or planning a relaxing staycation, don’t forget to pack your eyecare essentials. Be sure to have contact solution, extra contacts, your spare glasses and a lens cleaning cloth.

Again… Be prepared, have plenty of eye care supplies on hand.  Please don’t forget your sunglasses, protect your eyes from harmful UV Rays. If you don’t have a pair, come see us!  Our optical department has all the latest styles, fashion from great brands you know and love like Costa Del Mar, Ray Ban and many more!