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Contact Lenses 101

Contact lenses are a safe and commonly used method of vision correction. They offer active adults and youth visual freedom from glasses. However, proper cleaning and maintenance is critical to the overall wearing experience. This is not only for comfort but also for the prevention of eye infections and inflammation.

There are numerous safeguards that should be observed when handling contact lenses. Hands should always be washed before cleaning, removing or inserting lenses into the eye. Neither water nor saliva should ever be used to lubricate or store lenses. Proper lens disinfection is also crucial to keep the wearer safe. Today, an all in one multi-purpose solution or hydrogen peroxide solution is used to clean and disinfect. The disinfecting solution must be strong enough to sterilize but gentle enough not to harm the eye and must remove both protein and lipid deposits from the lens. A clean contact lens significantly decreases the chance of irritation and provides greater comfort. This ensures a full 12-14 hour day of wear and helps achieve the recommended wear schedule of disposable contact lenses.

It is important to remember that contact lenses are medical devices and regardless if you are wearing them for vision correction or for cosmetic purposes, they require a valid prescription. The best ways to help prevent complications include:
(1)  Talk to your eye doctor and discuss what lens options are right for you.
(2)  Follow all the instructions around your contact lenses and lens cleaning products.
(3)  Contact lenses are manufactured and prescribed for certain wear schedules and are to be replaced after a defined period. Be sure to adhere to the recommended wear and replacement schedule.

Whatever your lifestyle and vision preferences, our doctors can help you find the right contact lenses or eye care solution. Remember to always consult a professional with questions about the health of your eyes and vision. For more information about proper contact lens care call our office at 784-3937.

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