The Eye Center of North Florida is the ONLY facility that provides a complete team of low vision professionals in the region!!  Our low vision team includes: Dr. Jeffrey Pyne, D.O. Retinal Specialist, Dr. David Edinger, O.D. Low Vision Optometrist, and our Occupational Therapists who specialize in pediatric and adult low vision. these doctors and therapists are always trying to stay ahead of the latest technological advancement. The Eye Print Pro is a perfect example of how our doctors and staff are continuously trying to stay ahead of the game. Utilizing state of the art imaging equipment, implementing the latest in eye disease treatment, and providing individualized care to each client’s needs, we are able to identify, follow, and manage a variety of eye diseases and enable those with low vision to lead a more independent lifestyle.  From reading the newspaper, to filling in crossword puzzles, or setting household appliances, our low vision team recognizes the need for helping people Live Life to the Fullest!

If you’d like to have a consultation for the Eye Print Pro, please call the main office at (850) 784-3937


If you or someone you know has a vision impairment, contact our office and set up an appointment for a Low Vision Examination.  This comprehensive examination is performed at our main office in Panama City, Florida.  We have provided answers to commonly asked questions about this examination below:

Dr. Edinger, OD and our highly specialized Occupational Therapists

No, a referral is not needed, however, it is common for retina specialists and other eye physicians to send their patients to us for this specific examination.  If your doctor would like you to receive services from our occupational therapist only, a referral can be made to one of our occupational therapists, and visits can take place in the clinic or at your own home!

Comprehensive review of eye history, visual field testing (Macular testing with Nidek MP-1), internal eye exam, refraction for glasses, instruction in the use of various magnifiers and low vision devices, education regarding eye health including vitamin therapies, monocular vision checks,  and sun protection, and recommendations for lighting and other home adaptations for low vision.

Whatever tasks you are finding most difficult to perform, such as reading your Bible, threading a needle, reading recipes, or filling out a check, bring these items with you. This will allow an occupational therapist to see which specific tasks are giving you trouble, and she can address these issues during the exam.

Depending upon your level of need, this exam will take 1.5-2 hours. It is very extensive, but please be rest assured that this time is necessary to address your specific needs. Extra time is necessary to ensure appropriate education and training has taken place in the use of optical devices and new glasses prescriptions.

Yes!! One of our occupational therapists may request that you follow up with her in the clinic for further vision training, use of low vision aids, or she may request a follow up home visit to make recommendations for your home environment.

Low Vision Store

The Eye Center’s low vision shop offers a variety of low vision aids including: magnifiers, talking watches and clocks, large print calendars, cards, and puzzle books, and other adaptive living aids.   Due to the fact that selecting an appropriate device for your specific needs is best done with a low vision professional, we recommend that you call or come into our office and have our occupational therapist teach you the basic concepts about optics and which device(s) may best suit your needs.

Enhanced Vision Video Magnifiers

The Eye Center’s low vision shop is proud to offer Enhanced Vision video magnification products. Enhanced Vision is the leading company in developing the latest and best technology for individuals with vision impairment. Our shop has each piece of equipment for demonstration. If you would like a free, in-home demonstration, please contact Linda, our occupational therapist, for that service. If you decide to purchase a piece of equipment, Linda will come to your home, set up the device, and provide any and all training necessary to use it independently.

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